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So I was reading the Doug Moench/Kelley Jones Batman run, when I got to the Deadman storyline…and a couple things stood out:

1. Deadman suddenly has the power to make himself visible to the living…only for a moment, and only with a great deal of effort.

2. There’s an in-continuity explanation given for Deadman’s skeletal appearance (as Jones tends to draw him)…he’s accepted his “deceased” status and his appearance has begun to reflect as such.

Of course, this is all ignored, if I recall correctly, in later Deadman series…though Alex Ross just made him an outright skeleton in Kingdom Come. (You can see a review of the toy based on Ross’ design on this page.

Other Deadman links:

A look back at Deadman’s early appearances.

Apparently Hawkeye beat out Deadman in some “Ultimate Battle” dead character competition. Er, yeah.

Here’s a better battle: Deadman versus Dr. Thirteen!

Hitting the Wall: Deadman as a character without a direction.

This news column from 2000 contains a brief note about a potential Deadman movie for TNT (“…a murdered stuntman who can inhabit the body of his nerdy accountant brother”). This 2003 update at Comic Book Resources includes an interview with a scriptwriter for a Deadman film, and has a link to a (PDF) portion of the script.

A review of the action figure.

Here’s a custom figure.

An index of appearances up to about 1985, including creative teams and synopses. (Apparently the Challengers of the Unknown appearances with Swamp Thing are non-canonical, and thus not included.)

An overview of a meeting between Deadman and the pre-Crisis Supergirl.

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