God bless Jim Warren.

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The blurbs on the covers of Warren magazines are almost like poetry:


#53 – “His mind is trapped in the body of a 2000-year-old mummy…and the body is forcing him to destroy men…women…and even monsters!”

#60 – “Exterminator One! He was created half-man half-machine! For one purpose: to kill!”

#66 – “The hero lord battles a mad magician’s seven trials! Demons. Goblins. Banshees. Sea monsters. Dwarves. Gnomes. And death!”

#79 – “He was death on cleats!”

#81 – “She’s big! She’s beautiful! She’s atop the Empire State Building! Why?

#91 – “Dark evil lives! …Brought from heaven in a death star from hell!”

#115 – “They were trapped by blood-lusting ravagers! Victims of drug-crazed killers! ‘Night of the Jackass!'”

#117 – “Desire, damnation and deception as the barbaric Vivien battles Cagim and Merlin for all earth!”


#12 – “The slimy, crawly, slithering gropies do terrible things to pretty little girls!”

#17 – “She loathed them! Detested them! Hated their oily bodies with a murderous passion! The only thing she loved was to hear their metal hides crunching under her hammer!”

#23 – “They teleported through deepest space…at least pieces of them did…in the blood splattered classic ‘Teleport 2010!'”


#60 – “Lucien was a weird little boy with a big imagination! With his magic rock he created mind-made monsters!”

#64 – “A spaceman? A monster? A god…or a ghoul? Who is the tormented decaying man?”

#79 – “There were three kinds of people…the living…the dead…and those who were somewhere in between!”

#84 – “Play ball! The grenade is pitched at Jackie-7! The robot must make a hit…before the outfielder catches it…pulls the pin…and puts the rusty ‘relic’ out…for good!”

#85 – “The great white hunter stalks the abominable yeti in a grisly game of ‘Hide and Go Mad!'”

#95 – “Naked apes in color! See evil! Hear evil! Speak evil! Gorilla warfare issue!”

#141 – “A world in upheaval! Madness and mayhem in the ruins of ‘The Checkout Counter!'”

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