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Today at the store:

Kid Chris: “They’re doing Batman: Long Halloween action figures? Do they have to do figures for every storyline?”

Me: “Where’s my Death in the Family action figure set? I want a Joker with springloaded ‘beating Robin with a crowbar’ action!”

I’m a very bad person.

Speaking of Batman, I recently picked up the Kelley Jones’ run on the series for dirt cheap. In general, I don’t buy a whole lot of recent back issues…pretty much anything I wanted over the last couple of decades, I bought as it came out. Somehow, though, I managed to skip over this run, despite Jones being one of my favorite comic artists. That’s probably due to my general reluctance to getting pulled into four or five monthly books’ worth of additional continuity for me to keep straight, which is why I mostly stuck to the comics based on the animated series for my Bat-fix. (However, I did get the issue with Swamp Thing, of course.)

I’m only a couple issues in, and so far it’s exactly what I figured it would be…a lot of attempts at either wrapping up or otherwise addressing events in the Batman family of books (the return of Bruce Wayne to the Batman role, the whole Azrael (yawn) thing). But it all looks so pretty, which is all I ask. I know these continuity issues don’t hang over the entire run, and there are some nice looking Deadman issues in there somewhere, as well as a Joker/Demon storyline which I’ve flipped through a time or three before.

I’m looking forward to it…it’s been a long time since I’ve read some plain ol’ Batman comics that weren’t Elseworlds or media spinoffs or so on.

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