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Yesterday, at the store:

Pal Dorian: “Did you read Stephen Fry’s comments about his character in the V for Vendetta movie? The Wachowski brothers didn’t even look at the book, did they?”

Me: “Yeah, I saw Warren Ellis’ comment about this on his site…and about how he wouldn’t be surprised if the Watchmen movie turned out to be a musical.”

D: “Actually, I’d like to see a musical verison of Watchmen.”

Me (singing): “I feel so bluuuuuue….”

Chris Karath brings us a gaggle of live action Supermen in reaction to Brandon Routh’s recent reveal.

Okay, I’m not up on my later Justice League America comics from the early ’90s, but something I saw in the recent DC Encyclopedia has me wondering. Is Maxwell Lord still inhabiting the body of the supervillain Lord Havoc, and is this the version of Mr. Lord that shot and killed the Blue Beetle? The fact that there was no “Maxwell Lord” listing in the encyclopedia, and that any information regarding that character was put in the “Lord Havoc” entry, has me wondering if that’s going to play into future Infinite Crisis tie-ins.

The things I think about at work, I swear.

Who knew Mr. Weatherbee was a Tubes fan?

Laugh Digest #63 (March 1986) – art by Dan DeCarlo

Some jokes I make just for myself.

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