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So I was looking at the ranked lists of items available from Diamond Comics for reorder, when I noticed something odd in their “Top 10 Books” list. Apparently number ten on the list (for items reordered in March) was last year’s volume of the Overstreet Price Guide. This year’s volume was number four on that same list. I know that when March/April rolls around, I try to avoid reordering the price guide so that I don’t get stuck with any copies once the new edition is released. I hope whoever ordered all those old guides managed to get rid of them in time.

Number nine on that list was How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way. Man, that book’s gonna sell forever, isn’t it?

Oh, and the top five slots on the “Top 25 Graphic Novels/TPs” list were filled with Sin City books. Presumably they’re just counting orders, and not actual items shipped.

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