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Okay, now honestly…who out there is planning to buy the Demogoblin bust? The solicitation information I linked to says it’s “limited” to 3,000 pieces, but I swear the printed version of Previews said it was limited to 2,000 (I don’t have the Previews here to double-check). Either way, I’m fairly certain there should be no problem getting one of these things, should you so desire.

But, really, a Demogoblin bust? Are there 2,000 (or 3,000) Demogoblin fans out there who have to have this? Or Spider-Man fans who buy all related merchandise? Or, as pal Dorian suggested to me, are there enough Marvel statue completists to support the production of pieces based on even the most minor character?

Of course, the real crime here is that we have yet to see a Howard the Duck statue.

Other new comics day stuff…pal JP, upon seeing the Sin City Yellow Bastard action figure: “Hey, this looks like a realistic version of Homer Simpson!”

Looking at the first page of the new issue of Teen Titans, I almost got sucked into an in-joke black hole: Captain Marvel, Jr. quoting Elvis Presley…a reference to said character’s influence upon Elvis’ wardrobe in later years…which was itself referenced by the color scheme of Mary Marvel’s changed costume in the Power of Shazam series…ARRGH! And let’s not even get into the whole “King Marvel” thing from Kingdom Come, where Captain Marvel Jr. is redesigned to look more like Elvis…this is like the Ouroboros of comics.

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