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Shane from Near Mint Heroes added quite a few Blue Beetle links in the comments section for this post…so if you’re so inclined, check them out.

Anyway, I hope you all liked those links…I figured I’d do it to inform some of those people out there who are all up in arms about Beetle’s fate in DC Countdown, but have never actually read anything with him in it (including DC Countdown).

Oh, relax, I’m just ribbin’ ya. Mostly.

So while I was doing my searches I came across several message board discussions revolving around the possibility of a “Blue Beetle III.” I imagine it’s pretty likely, since there was a lot of emphasis in DC Countdown about how Ted wasn’t the first Blue Beetle (and, one may infer, not the last). Either that, or we’ll get Blue Beetle: Rebirth in a few years (right after Sue Dibny: Rebirth and Wesley Dodds: Rebirth).

Yes, I know the “[dead character]: Rebirth” joke is a big cliche, now, but it still makes me laugh. I’m old, and easily amused.

Speakin’ o’Sue, I also saw a lot of people on message boards here and there floating the idea of Sue as the new Spectre (an idea I was pushing for last May – under May 2nd, if it doesn’t load properly). I still think that would be a funny idea…Sue and her hubby, the Elongated Man, can still travel around solving crimes, but every once in a while Sue will suddenly transform into a white-skinned green-cloaked giant and…I don’t know, turn the bad guys into ice sculptures and put the acetylene torch to them, or something. Heck, I’d buy it…I’ve spent good money on worse comics.

At any rate, it should come as no surprise that most message board people don’t think that Sue becoming the Spectre would be a good idea. Ah, well…I liked the idea of Jack Black as Green Lantern*, too…I’m used to being the odd man out.

So, enough of my ranting. Let me just tell you to pay a visit to The Absorbascon, a weblog discussing DC Comics. It’s named after one of DC’s nuttier Silver Age thingies, so how can you go wrong?

* I swear to God, that Petition Online site is a non-stop goldmine of comedy. This is the greatest site ever.

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