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Ted Kord Blue Beetle links:

A history of the character.

Pencilled Blue Beetle pages from an aborted weekly comic.

BB makes this list of Maxim‘s “25 Lamest Superheroes Ever.”

BB Microheroes – Silver and Golden ages.

A thorough review of the DC Direct figure.

Customized “Blue ‘n’ Gold” figures, and, what the heck, have another custom BB figure.

These folks are apparently looking for duplicate BB Overpower game cards.

Marvel RPG stats and Champions RPG stats.

A cute, cartoony drawing of BB and Booster Gold.

“End the debauchery of the so-called major crossovers.” – a petition to save Ted Kord.

A chronological list of BB’s DC appearances.

The HeroClix figure.

He likes Blue Beetle.

And for the Golden Age Blue Beetle:

An overview of the character’s publishing history.

MP3s for the original Blue Beetle radio serials.

A gallery of covers, plus some Phantom Lady covers for good measure. (Warning – pop-ups.)

A brief bio of creator Charles Nicholas.

A customized action figure – since we’ll never, ever see an authorized one.

An issue of Blue Beetle is noted on this page of marijuana references in comic books.

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