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Just got a look at our Diamond invoice for all the stuff coming in on Wednesday.

Good gravy.

Most (if not all) of the remaining Free Comic Book Day books, three different toy lines, and pretty much every comic book ever published by Marvel and DC. Okay, maybe I exaggerated slightly on that last bit, but it’s still a gargantuan pile of material that’ll be darkening our doorstep midweek.

Don’t really have a point to make beyond that, other than trying to vent a little shock. Egads.

A few years ago, I received several e-mails and phone calls over the space of about a week from people all over the country looking for the last issue of Marvel’s Masters of the Universe series. As far as I knew, and still know now, it’s not a particularly rare or “hot” item, and it wasn’t very expensive (no more than a couple bucks at most). But, suddenly, I started receiving a bunch of requests for this single comic all at once…literally one right after the other.

After the first couple of requests, I started asking people, “hey, why are you looking for this? Was there an article in a magazine somewhere? Did some Masters of the Universe fanclub newsletter promote this issue? What’s going on?”

The only answer I got was variations on “I need it to complete my collection” — no one owned up to being inspired otherwise to claim this particular funnybook.

Luckily, I had enough copies to fill demand, but I’m still left wondering. The most likely explanation: that all these people were clued into the comic by a single source, but didn’t want to tell me for fear that I’d jack up the price…a fear that’s about 98% unwarranted. Other explanations: it was a prank on us (an odd prank, since everyone actually paid for their comics); or, as odd as it may seem, just by complete coincidence, otherwise unconnected people from across this great nation all decided within a few days of each other that they needed to complete their Masters of the Universe comic book collection, and chose our store to do so.

Again, no real point to this…I was just reminded of it a couple days ago and thought I’d share.

Hey, are you on a dial-up internet connection? If so, does my page take an awful long time to load for you, or does it load reasonably quickly (considering 1) you’re on dial-up, and 2) I tend to use a lot of images)? Just being Mr. Curious.

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