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Added to the weblogroll: Dave’s Long Box, a nice collection of views and reviews of comics past. His takedown of Superman #75 is fine readin’.

I suppose as a longtime seller of funnybooks that I should say something regarding DC Comics’ abrupt cancellation of the Humanoids/2000 AD line. It’s quite a shame, really, as the books did have a small but growing audience at our shop, and I’m glad DC at least tried to expand their publishing line. The format and pricing of the volumes were just right, the material was solid (including some classic Alan Moore material that should always be in print and available)…it’s just too bad that it didn’t catch on at more stores. Okay, Judge Dredd stuff is becoming increasingly more difficult to move…unless it’s that Batman/Judge Dredd trade, people just don’t seem to be interested in the character anymore…but most everything else did okay for us.

At least the publisher Rebellion is picking up where DC left off, which is good news. More quality material is always welcome.

Speaking of books…Sin City, still not available for reorder from Diamond. Which, at this point, is fine, since interest is now pretty much kaput, aside from the occasional 12-year-old who tries to talk Mom into buying it for him. I’m sure there’ll be plenty to be had once the big chain bookstores start returning their copies to Dark Horse in a few weeks.

So, watching last week’s new episode of Smallville, something occurred to me. Lex, due to some Kryptonite-rock shenanigans, is split into two beings: one “good,” and one “evil.” And you know what? The evil Lex is much more interesting. Having Lex (complete with Kryptonite ring) in out-and-out conflict with the 20-something Teen of Steel is a great deal more compelling than Smallville‘s usual pussyfooting around: “oh, will Lex succeed in his struggle to remain a good person, or will blood will out?” Plus, if I hear one more knowing conversation between any other cast member and Clark along the lines of “it’s like he has two identities, a secret self that he keeps hidden from the world,” I’m gonna shoot my TV Elvis-style. Well, okay, not really, but you know what I mean.

I’m totally stealing a link out of pal Dorian‘s comments section, where Tom from Comics Ate My Brain points Dor in the direction of the most anally-retentive DC Universe timeline I have ever seen. It’s absolutely fantastic.

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