My day, and welcome to it.

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  • As I was putting together my reorders for the week, I discovered (surprise surprise) no volumes of the Sin City trade paperback line are currently in stock at Diamond. Oh, well, it’ll save me money in the long run, since once they are available to us again, demand will almost certainly have dissipated and I won’t need to order so many copies.
  • I’m also in the process of restocking our Star Wars graphic novels, in anticipation of one final “hurrah” for SW sales prior to the last movie’s release. It seems like I have to reorder Darth Maul every week. Oh, and the second volume of the Clone Wars Adventures digest series is finally available to us again, after about…two months, maybe? SW books that never sell: the ones that reprint the original Marvel series, and the X-Wing Rogue Squadron books.
  • Old pal (and former coworker) Rob called me shortly after we opened today, to inform me that as he was driving by the store, he spotting a person in a sheep costume standing at the end of the block. Quickly walking outside to see for myself, I was relieved to discover said sheep-costumed person was advertising the recently-opened mattress store on the corner, waving at passerby and holding a big “SALE” sign…and not, for example, heading down the street to our shop with the intention of drunkenly raging at our customers and throwing half-emptied beer bottles at our walls.
  • Two Chasing Amy references in a row: a person wearing this shirt (which took me a moment to recognize), and a customer recreating the “What’s a Nubian?” scene from the beginning of the film.

Another contest: The Spatula Forum is giving away copies of cartoonist Jason Marcy’s books…just tell him what the name of your autobiography would be! You’ve got until April 29th, so get busy, you.

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