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What? Matt Drudge trying to create some kind of false connection between a violent action movie and the death of the Pope? Surely you jest! And, no, the text in this piece doesn’t link to any off-site story…that’s pure Drudge editorializing, friends.*

My day at work with Kid Chris:

(Kid Chris is saying this sarcastically in response to a particular comic book…no, not that one): “I like things just one way, and if they aren’t that way, I don’t like it!”

Me: “Wow, you are a comic book fan!”**

In reference to my note about Star Wars Dark Empire being originally announced from Marvel, commenter Bob points out that this information appeared in the last Amazing Heroes Preview Special (#11, from 1990). What’s funny is that I happened to have my copies of the AH Preview Specials out, and I poked through most of them looking for the Star Wars listing…except for some reason I didn’t bother with #11. Ah, well…my ‘zine-fu is not so strong after all.

In case you’re interested, the Marvel/Epic version of Star Wars: Dark Empire was announced as a 4-issue prestige format series, with each issue running 64 pages.

From the mighty Grow-a-brain: a directory of magazine and comic book covers that have been modified (some may say, improved) with cross-dressing shenanigans. I highly recommend #15.

* Yes, I cut the image off there on purpose.

** I’m only kidding…mostly.

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