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Today is the day we can put Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith #1, the Revenge of the Sith trade paperback, and the Star Wars Visionaries books out for sale on our shelves, as part of Lucafilms’ planned April 2nd merchandising blitz. If you got any of the above comics prior to today…well, you have sinned against God and nature, and George Lucas himself is going to shake his stern and mighty finger at you, as soon as he’s done putting away his huge sacks of money.

For some reason I’m reminded of Marvel releasing Marvel Comics Super Special #27, containing the adaptation of Return of the Jedi, too early, which ticked off Lucasfilm something fierce. I tried to track down more details on this online, and alas found none…I did find a comment someone left on another weblog stating that Lucas cancelled the licensing deal with Marvel because of this snafu. However, the series ran about three more years, and I’m fairly certain it was canned because of low sales.

By the way, a couple days ago I mentioned that Mark Wheatley did the art on the Sith adaptation…in fact, it’s Doug Wheatley. Oops.

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