FCBD Speedos.

§ March 31st, 2005 § Filed under free comic book day Comments Off on FCBD Speedos.

Pal Dorian‘s Free Comic Book Day polo shirt with the tasteful embroidered logo arrived today, so he can now show us FCBD t-shirt-wearin’ types just how high-falutin and fancy-pantsian he is with his “collar” and his “buttons.”

Well, that’s fine, because I have an even better article of clothing with which to advertise the coming free funnybook event: my Free Comic Book Day Speedos:

As customers enter the store between now and the magic day, I can approach them, my tanned and oiled body glistening in the light of the fluorescent fixtures, and, with an exaggerated flair, gesture toward the logo emblazoned upon the front of my snugly-fitting trunks while proclaiming the day of free comics is soon, so soon, upon us all! And I shall know, by the looks in their faces, their mighty gratitude for this timely and effective reminder.

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