Okay, one more Shazam! post….

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So I did remember correctly regarding the revamped Mr. Mind’s acquisition of a little wearable translator:

By comparison, here is his “classic” appearance:

I did appreciate the apparent effort in making the newer Mr. Mind still look sorta “cute” and amusing, while addressing the modern audience’s need for something a bit more “realistic” looking. Yes, I realize I’m talking about a “realistic”-looking telepathic alien worm. Quit staring at me like that.

To follow up on this morning’s post…I hadn’t forgotten about Captain Marvel’s appearances in JSA, where commenter Zack points out that he’d been having a romance, of sorts, with Stargirl. Well, actually, the much younger Billy Batson had been, but the much older looking Captain Marvel making eyes with the teenage Stargirl caught the attention of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, thus causing some minor (so to speak) problems. That was a really weird, but oddly logical, plot point to be addressed, I thought. It was sort of interesting to see it brought up, but we’re probably better off now that Cap seems to be out of the JSA book, putting that plotline to rest.

And Sivana popped up in Outsiders (where Captain Marvel Jr. appears to be hanging his hat) a while back, apparently much more bloodthirsty than in any of his previous appearances. I don’t read this book, so I can’t really provide any kind of cogent commentary on it. In the brief glances I did have of the relevant issues, both characters seemed a little out of place (not that there’s anything wrong with the title, I might add)…but then, seeing Captain Marvel Jr. in any context other than a Marvel Family-related story always throws me off. (EDIT: Pal Dorian tells me that Captain Marvel Jr. was only in the book for that particular storyline…oops, thought he was a regular member, for some reason.)

Commenter Rob points out that great DC Comics Presents annual featuring Cap and Superman vs. a super-powered Sivana, drawn by Gil Kane in his usual dynamic style. The script was by Joey Cavalieri…his dialogue never really worked for me in any of his comics work, unfortunately, but the real star of this show was Kane’s action-packed artwork.

To commenter Bill‘s question, regarding which issue of Alter Ego had the proposed Roy Thomas revamp of Captain Marvel that was even more horrifying than this one…I’m afraid I don’t know! I haven’t dug through the vast Mikester Comic Archives to pull out my stack of AEs to check. When I have a little more time, I’ll be sure to do so! It’s really worth seeking out just to see the bullet we dodged. (If it sounds like I’m being a little hard on Mr. Thomas…well, I don’t mean to be. The vast majority of his work I’m perfectly fine with, and this Captain Marvel story of his (and Gerry Conway’s) is still one of my favorites…but I guess he can’t hit a home run every time!)

Okay, tomorrow morning…no Shazam! talk, I promise.

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