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King Comics Presents #1 (199? – no copyright date) – cover by Dell Barras

Okay, I didn’t have anything special planned for Easter, so instead you get a comic cover featuring syndicated radio deejay/former late night talk show host/novelty song genius Rick Dees.

If you need actual Easter content, I direct you to last year’s post, in which we get a heartfelt Christian message from, um, the Mighty Thor. (It’s the last post on the page, in case the link doesn’t take you directly to it…someday I’ll fix all the image attributes so everything will load correctly, soon as they invent the 8-day week.)

As long as I’m just screwing around for the holiday, here’s yet another “meme”, this time the dreaded book meme stolen directly from Alan David Doane. It’s a huge ol’ list, so I put it on a separate no-frills page. No need to thank me.

Another time-honored method of filling a weblog post is “wacky search terms” – I haven’t done this in a while, and some of my esteemed weblogging colleagues have been chiming in with their own lists, so I thought I’d play the “me too, me too” card.

Before I get to that, I did want to note that, via my log files, I found someone on the Superdickery message boards had discovered my scan (under Feb. 3, 2004) from Batman #200. For those of you who backtracked the hotlinked image from the message board to my site…hi! I promise you, that image was not altered, as one or two of you wondered.

Anyway…search terms. Aside from the perennial searches for nekkid pics of that gal playing Lois on Smallville, the occasional puzzling search for “mike sterling progressive ruin,” and the usual searches for scanned pages from recent comics to download (just go buy the darn things, you cheapskates), here’s what I’ve got:

chalk+full+of+origin – It’s chock-full!!!

dirty+comics – …And how to clean them, I’m assuming.

swamp+thing+motorcycle – Okay, Orange County Choppers, I have a job for you….

BATMAN+638+WHO+IS+RED+HOOD+JASON+TODD – Sounds like you’ve already pretty much decided.

superman+cheats+for+the+infamous+parasite – I’m sure there’s a logical explanation, but, really, I have no idea.

sterling+looking+for+two+girls+kissing – Yeah, so?

wit+and+wisdom+of+cerebus – File under “world’s shortest books.” Oh, quiet, like I was going to pass up the cheap joke.

bionic+woman+fetish+strength – I’m going to guess that there’s some kind of fan fiction along these lines, but I prefer to remain blissful in my ignorance.

glenn+scarpelli – Uh oh, I hope that wasn’t Glenn Scarpelli looking for this post.

howard+the+duck+mp3s – If you find any, let me know.

lois+lane+comic+drawn+in+the+nude – I suppose it’s remotely possible Kurt Schaffenberger sat at his art table in the buff, but why would you want to know this?

gatlin+guns+BOOM+POW+BAM – So you’re looking for guns and the sounds they make?

the+trash+heap+has+spoken+goth – You mean the character from Fraggle Rock?

sergio+aragones+gay – I’m fairly certain he isn’t. Fred Hembeck isn’t gay, either.

Swamp+Thing+controversy – The only controversy is why you all aren’t reading Swamp Thing!

cartoon+network+toons+naked+on+ebay – Uh, yeah, good luck with that.

when+did+comics+start+glossing+pages – Well, actually, that’s not a bad question. I’ll have to think about that. Marvel Fanfare is the first one to come to mind, but I’m certain there were others prior.

Depressing+Clown+Comic+Book – Ladies and gentlemen – Obnoxio the Clown.

Lois+and+Brian+slash+Gallery+Family+Guy – Wait a minute, isn’t Brian the family’s dog? Oh, ick.

a+site+that+looks+a+lot+like+google+but+is+porky+the+pig – This one made my brain lock up for a couple of minutes.

nazi+daughter+girl+balloons – I’m hoping that they’re searching for old pulp novels.

how+can+i+ruin+my+enemy’s+day – Well, you can fill his website’s access logs with really insane search terms.

List+of+things+I+love – Don’t ask me…I don’t even know you.

Bambi’s+gender – See, I’m not the only person who’s been confused on this important issue!

Oh, and Happy Easter, to those of you who celebrate the holiday.

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