Concrete links.

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The essential site: The Paul Chadwick Web Comicography.

A concise description of the character, and a slightly more detailed overview may be found here.

Sketchbook stuff: Concrete and Hellboy by their respective creators.

Another artist’s interpretation of Concrete at

The Concrete statue – “production cancelled,” it says.

An assembled and painted model kit – Concrete is referred to as being a former “stuntman.” That would have made for a different series!

Concrete fan art.

A nice Concrete sketch from an Italian comics site.

A Chadwick Concrete drawing on a pair of jeans, accompanied by many other sketches (including a cute Groo drawing by Sergio Aragones).

Unpublished excerpts from a Comics Journal interview with Chadwick.

Old news tidbits about a Concrete movie. (Am I remembering right that Bill Murray was attached to a possible Concrete project, or was that just wishful thinking on someone’s part?)

(Why, yes, I have been rereading my Concrete comics…why do you ask?)

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