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It’s been brought to my attention by commenter C. Elam that he had posted a scan of this panel several months ago…boy, it’s a good’un, isn’t it? Anyway, like I’ve said, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this panel discussed somewhere before, but it was in a magazine or something, not online. Ah, well, I’m sure I’ll come across where I saw it someday.

Fellow comic shop employee Kid Chris got to see an advance screening of Sin City over the weekend…said he mostly enjoyed it, but had some qualms with the film’s staggered timeline and found the “spot-coloring” a little distracting. This makes three reviews (from Greg and Ken) I’ve encountered so far, all mostly positive with some caveats. I see Ain’t It Cool News has a review up as well, which I haven’t read…but after the sheer horror that was Harry Knowles’ review of Blade II, you can understand why I’m a little gunshy. (Actually, despite my better judgement, I looked at that AICN Sin City review…Good Lord.)

Here’s the Rotten Tomatoes page for Sin City…no reviews as yet, but plenty of links and news items.

I’m sure you all have already read the news about the forthcoming Absolute Watchmen edition, which will include the extra material from the legendary Graphitti Designs hardcover. As someone who actually held in my hands that Graphitti book and couldn’t afford it at the time, due to my being a poverty-stricken college student (as opposed to the poverty-stricken comic shop manager I am today), I can’t wait for this to come out. Like pal Ian notes, it’s sure to be incredibly expensive, but, man, if any book deserved this format….

In the meantime, enjoy the Watchmen characters…in Lego form!

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