Don’t ask.

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from Action Comics #337 (May 1966) by Otto Binder & Jim Mooney

Yeah, I know, I know, but this panel just kills pal JP, and he’s been wanting to see it on this site for a while now. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had this comic in the store or in the vast Mikester Comic Archives…but luckily, JP managed to track a copy down at this weekend’s Wizard World event. (Also, I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen this panel discussed, or at least mocked, somewhere before…perhaps in an issue of Comic Book Heaven by this fine fellow?)

Speaking of the Wizard World…although it was just a hop, skip, a jump, and a traffic snarl or two away from my neck of the woods, I just couldn’t bring myself to go. I suppose if I’d thought about it ahead of time, I could have planned to go for at least a day. But, really, I haven’t been to a comic convention in years and I don’t have any real gumption to return. Several hours of walking around a crowded room being alternately appalled and dismayed at what I see…my grey hair is coming in fast enough as it is, no need to encourage it.

Oh, and about that “RUIN” box I’ve been putting in my scans lately…a scan or two of mine have been popping up here and there without any credit, so I thought putting that little bug in there might remind people who use those images to give a little linking love back to me. Okay, I realize it’s not as if I own the copyright on those images or anything, but I’m the one who went through the trouble of scanning the darn things. And, yes, I was inspired by pal Dorian’s slightly more elegant tag on his images. I thought about putting a giant “WWW.PROGRESSIVERUIN.COM” across the bottom of the scans, sorta like what Mile High does…but maybe that would have been a bit much.

So, anyway, if you’re coming home from the Wizard World convention and you happen to be passing though Ventura, stop by the shop and say hello! Kid Chris and I* will be glad to see you…at least until we close at 5 PM, at which point we’ll toss you out!

* Pal Dorian will be glad to see you in abstentia, as he’s slipped his chains and taken the day off.

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