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Okay, now I’ve been avoiding buying Back Issue, yet another in the Twomorrows line of comics history/interview mags, since, well, trying to plow though Alter Ego each month is enough of a challenge without adding another similar mag to the readin’ pile. However, I’m weakening…a Back Issue from a couple months ago had an article or two on Swamp Thing, and I’m sure most of you out there know how I like the Swamp Thing.

And the new issue, #9, is out today…well, here’s a quick rundown of the issue’s contents:

An interview with Mike Baron and Steve Rude about working on Nexus

– A publishing history of Grimjack

– Sketch pages by Gil Kane

– An in-depth look at Marvel’s Star Wars comics

– Another interview, this time with Jim Starlin and Mike Mignola on their DC mini-series Cosmic Odyssey

– The Greatest Stories Never Told: DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths follow-up, Crisis of the Soul!

Goodness me, I had to buy this issue.

Also out today is the third volume of It’s Science with Dr. Radium, cartooned by this fine fellow. Enjoy this preview if you need some convincing. I read most (if not all) of this stuff as it was coming out originally, and, let me assure you, it’s mighty funny.

Oh, and a lot of funnybooks came out today, too…I’ll discuss ’em all tomorrow. Hoo, boy.

And while I’m at it: dear Credit Card Machine gods…please stop making our card reader lose its programming for no good reason whatsoever during one of our busiest shopping days of the week. Thank you.

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