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Special thanks to commenters Bob and Tim for providing additional information on cover dates and newsstand distribution!

Your “Wow! Wish I’d thought of that” link of the day: Filing Cabinet of the Damned’s overview of comic publishing lines of yesteryear. I don’t necessarily share all his opinions (I’m a little more favorably inclined toward early Valiant comics, for example) but still, nicely done.

New DVD releases today: The Incredibles is out, with a remarkably short turnaround between theatrical release and home release. I still haven’t seen it, but I think I’ll add it to the Netflix queue and give it a go.

Also out is the new “collector’s edition” DVD of Star Trek: First Contact, which is generally among Trek fans’ top three films of the series (along with Star Trek V: Hey, Didn’t We Rocket-Boot Past The Same Deck Twice? and Star Trek I: A Three-Hour Tour).

The only reason I really bring up the Star Trek disc is that it reminded me of a conversation I had with fellow comics emporium worker Kid Chris the other day. I was mentioning that I’d like to see the Star Trek animated series on DVD someday, when it suddenly came to me – HOW TO SAVE STAR TREK:

Give it to the people who do the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon.

This may be the only way, at this point in the franchise’s history, to get new blood (i.e. kids) interested in Trek, since the primary Trek fanbase is 1) giving up on the TV shows and movies, or 2) dying off. The Clone Wars cartoon has apparently inspired kids to start seeking out the ancillary Clone Wars merchandise, including the comics…something I didn’t see too much of during the runs of Episodes I & II. Maybe a new Star Trek cartoon may have the same effect.

Hell, can’t hurt.

Just noticed that the DC soliciations are up. C’mon, who’s not going to want a Joker in a Santa hat action figure for Christmas?

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