It’s my birthday…

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…so I’m taking the day off from the weblog, but not without showing you this Amazing Spider-Man comic from 1969:

…which has a cover date stamp of March 13th:

That means some newsstand owner somewhere was stamping these and putting them out for sale at the same time I was tied up with the whole “being given birth to” thing — which, of course, kept me from getting to the racks and picking up the new releases. Some fan I am.

And, yeah, I know the comic has a printed cover date of “June,” but I don’t think comic cover dates have ever been accurate. All the Marvels and DCs from last week are either April or May editions, for example. There was a brief period of time in the ’90s, if I recall correctly, that the major publishers tried to do some cover date adjustments. End result: cover dates are only a month or two off, instead of a whole four months.

Er…birthday. Day off. No posting. Right…see you tomorrow!

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