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1. If I were to answer with “it’s because this scene is from a JLA/JSA crossover and both the Earth-One Superman and the Earth-Two Superman are at the funeral,” would that be too nerdy of me?

2. Oops…it was pal Corey who said that the new Demon comic looked like Jason Blood was doing the Angel thing, not pal Dorian like I said somewhere in this big freakin’ post.

3. Speaking of pal Dorian:

D: “Hey, you should do an all-manga week on your weblog. It’d be funny.”

M: “What would I do?” ‘Hey, what the heck’s going on in this comic? What’s with all the pantie-shots?'”

D: “See? It’ll be great.”

4. Spider Jerusalem’s cat born in Florida. (via Fark)

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