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From next week’s Space Ghost #5…it looks like Mr. Ghostal better prepare for his polyp exam from Dr. Zorak. (Maybe a spoiler image…I don’t know, I’m not reading this.)

Anyway, sorry about that. Here, have some contest updates:

Dave at Yet Another Comic Blog is still giving away copies of the Spider-Girl trade — ending in a couple days, so get your entries in.

Rick is giving away the Daisy Kutter trade – a fine book that I enjoyed quite a bit, actually.

Ferret Press’ latest monthly contest is for copies of Kinetic, the new Question #1, and Arrowsmith #1.

Go enter, already…what, you’re going to say no to free funnybooks?

EDIT: Maybe I should mention some eBay auctions while I’m at it.

Well, there are our store auctions, where you should spend lots and lots and lots of money, and then some more money on top of that.

Then there’s Milo George and his auctions to fund the ongoing fight against Endemic Treponematosis.

And let’s not forget Scott Saavedra and his swell fake Superman Annual cover.

Should you have any pocket change left over, why don’t you try our store auctions again?

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