“Wow! It was like a symphony!”

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Today at the store, one of my regular customers asked if I would pose for a gag picture with him and his buddy. They stood at the comic rack, making as if they were just standing there reading the comics in a “hey, this ain’t a library” sort of way, and I was standing behind them, holding the store’s wooden baseball bat in an “I’m gonna knock you punk kids into next week” sort of way, while trying to maintain an angry grimace.

No, it’s not blackmail material…these guys are cool. And yes, the store has a wooden baseball bat. We call it “The Peacemaker.”

If I get a copy of the picture, perhaps I’ll post it here, providing I don’t appear too horrible-looking…my camel-hair toupee was having an “off” day, so God knows what it looks like in the photo.

I’ve been meaning to say something about this, and I kept forgetting…thanks to The Comic Treadmill for reminding me: my Canadian twin has posted on Flat Earth again, to remind us all to “Read A Comic Book Naked!” He also put up a panel from the Archie nude beach story (which fits in quite nicely with my look at bizarre Archie happenings last week). Good to see him again, and let’s hope he posts again soon!

And now…another moment with Cap and the Falcon:

from Captain America #138 (June 1971) by Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., & Tony Mortellaro

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