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1. Sell-outs, baby! We actually blew through our copies of the first issue of Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, selling more copies than we normally do of Adventures of Superman and Action. We also sold out of Firestorm #11, which makes it like the second or third issue of this series in a row to sell out on the rack. (I’m pretty sure we’d adjusted orders, so we should have enough of the next issue.) Also, surprisingly and/or annoyingly, G.I. Joe Reloaded has sold out…the G.I. Joe comics as a whole slowed down, we cut orders, and now sales are suddenly back up. I hate when that happens. Um, not the “increased sales” part, the “trying to guess customers’ random buying patterns two to three months ahead of time” part. There are just some things cycle sheets can’t predict.

1a. Not that I cared for this comic at all, but I could use a reprint or something of Space Ghost #1. Of course, this late in the series we’re not likely to see one, but I still have people asking us for copies all the time.

2. On Wednesday…it only took two people asking me if the new Age of Apocalypse one-shot and mini-series were reprints of the original ’90s series to make me to put up “ALL-NEW!” tags with those comics.

3. Bjorn hits us with his 100 Things He Loves About Comics, German-style. He was good enough to list members of the ACAPCWOVCCAOE as some of his favorites, which we all appreciate. Thanks, Bjorn!

3a. Speaking of which, I need to add several more links to my list of other Top 100 lists, but I’m still pondering what direction to go with the sentence o’links…I’m running out of ideas! In the meantime, Fearless Fred Hembeck is keeping track here, just past the halfway point on the page. (More like the 5/8ths point.)

4. So we currently have the Casper photo clip thingie in stock, and I’ve had more than one customer refer to it as, um, the Casper “roach clip.” Complete nonsense, of course. However, it does look great on our shelves next to the Hot Stuff “birdseed scale,” the Baby Huey “indoor greenhouse,” and the Little Lotta “novelty water pipe.”

4a. (It’s a sad world that makes this necessary.) I’m only joking.

4b. Everything I know about “drug culture” I learned from The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Does it show?

5. Last yesterday afternoon I started swapping around some of the promo posters we have above the new comics shelves…one of the new posters was for the forthcoming event comic DC Countdown. Boy, they didn’t do any favors to this image by blowing it up to poster size, did they? Get a good look at it the next time you’re in your local comics emporium.

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