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1. Johanna has reported that her copy of the new Little Lulu volume from Dark Horse, Lulu Takes A Trip, has a few pages out of order. And, I’m sorry to report, my copy does as well. It seems unlikely that Dark Horse will recall all copies and issue corrected volumes…you all may have to wait for the second printing.

2. Scott Saavedra brings us Captain Marvel versus Captain Marvel. “Split!”

3. Dave at Yet Another Comics Blog has a Spider-Girl digest giveaway. You only have ’til March 11th to enter, so get cracking!

4. Beaucoupkevin, I command you…to continue making me laugh!

4a. Speaking of Galactus, here’s an overview of that epic meeting of Galactus and Dazzler. And here is some computer-generated fan art.

5. Spider-Man Dog Costume. “Images deemed reliable.”

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