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Larry Niven dressed up as a Jedi Knight. Precious little to do with comic books, I know, but there you go.

As long as I’m on the off-topic:

A Cylon Centurion page. Warning: features hot Cylon-on-Stormtrooper action. “Oh, Cylon Warrior, no one must ever know of our forbidden love!”

An ancient page about Star Trek Deep Space 9‘s Morn. Your moment of Mike Sterling trivia: I own a full color photograph of Morn, autographed by Mark Allen Shepherd (“To Mike – see you at Quark’s”).

The official page of Spider Robinson. (Where’s my Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon comic?)

Your A to Z of sci-fi robots, including some from comics, so here I am, back on topic. Nice, eh?

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