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Pete Von Sholly’s Here Doesn’t Come The Flying F—! is rude, crass, vulgar, and actually pretty amusing if you’re in the mood for that sort of thing. Your mom would disapprove, but you dad would probably get a kick out of it. The eponymous hero is a slovenly sort, fighting for truth, justice…well, actually, just fighting for his right to watch television uninterrupted, mostly.

Two of the stories are done Photoshop/fumetti-style, with FF taking on his power company (which cut his service), and brawling in the streets of Burbank with an arch-nemesis. A third story, in which FF catches up on his comic book adventures, is not quite as successful, as it’s more traditional painted comic art, and lacks the novelty of the other fumetti-style stories. Not to say that this story badly illustrated…it’s colorful and appealing, but part of the humor of this book stems from the fact that Von Sholly actually got someone to dress up in the FF costume, a joke lost when you’re not actually looking at photos of the character. The book wraps up with a supposed catalogue of FF merchandise, which brings a smile or two, while nicely satirizing some of the goofy items you actually can get on store shelves. The page of “PVC figurines” is particularly well-done.

Your tolerance for profanity will most certainly be tested by this comic, and there is absolutely no subtlety to any of the humor…but then, it is called Here Doesn’t Come The Flying F—, so what were you expecting? You’ll get some good lowbrow laughs out of it, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

You can find a link to the first six-page story from the comic here, and you can order a copy of the comic signed by Von Sholly as well.

I’ve been meaning to link to this site, but I keep forgetting, and I’m sure most of you have seen it by now anyway. At any rate, Neilalien posted a link to the latest installment of Comic Book Breaking News, an Onion-style (well, maybe more Ironic Times-style) online “news”-zine with satirical stories and headlines. Good for some laughs.

Speaking of Neilalien…happy 5th anniversary!

Another reason why we have weblogs: seems to me I recall a certain member of the ACAPCWOVCCAOE* writing a critical letter to a comic from a major publisher, and having it re-edited into a positive letter and printed.

* Associated blah blah Ventura County blah blah Environs.

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