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Wait just a gosh-darned second…please tell me I didn’t just see Green Arrow using Elongated Man as a bow in order to shoot Red Tornado at the nefarious Merlyn the Archer:

Oh, dear, it appears that I did.

Anyway, in this same story (“At Last…Clark Kent, Super-Hero!” from Action Comics #443, Jan. 1975), sportcaster Steve Lombard has been, as usual, acting like a complete prick to Clark.* Clark, with the help of his Justice League buddies, decides to get even.

The Justice Leaguers, dressed in their civvies, show up at the WGBS building** for a tour and, in full view of Steve, go nuts when they see Clark. They rush up to him, asking for his autograph, making Steve jealous of the attention. He moves in on the scene, exclaiming “you folks probably know who I am…the ace sportscaster and all-star quarterback–!”

Black Canary (in her secret identity of Dinah Lance) interrupts: “Why, certainly! You’re Steve Lombard…”

Okay, I can buy Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen giving a raspberry. But, my friends, that’s Bruce “Batman” Wayne dealing out a hearty, Snoopy-style “BLEAHH!” Add that to your list of things Batman doesn’t do anymore.

Also, apparently all crime everywhere in the world has been taken care of, if the JLA has time to screw with one of Clark’s coworkers.

* Well, normally, he’s a jerk to Clark. In this specific story, Superman is the object of his abuse…long story.

** There are times I miss the “Clark Kent as WGBS TV reporter” variation on the Superman legend. That went on for almost 15 years, didn’t it?

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