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The mighty Jog the Blog discusses inadvertently spoiling future issues of Concrete: The Human Dilemma for himself over on Dark Horse Comics’ publication database. I couldn’t resist looking to see if I was right about a certain forthcoming event in the book (and as it turns out, I was), so, yeah, there’s a danger of spoiling things for yourself. But I’m with Mr. Jog in his appreciation of Dark Horse’s cataloging efforts.

Wow, here’s a page belonging to a Swedish pin collector, with a special focus on cartoon and comic character pins. Here’s a page full o’Batman pins, for example…or how about some Andy Capp pins? I’m totally jealous…I’m a minor collector of pins and buttons as well (I’m not cataloging them or anything, I’m just kinda accumulating them), and thus I’ll probably be spending a lot of time looking at the images on this site and drooling.

My conversation with pal Dorian the other day:

Dor: “Hey, did Skywald ever publish any good comics?”

Me: “Nope.”

Okay, okay, save the angry e-mails, I was only being half-facetious when I said that. Here’s a checklist of story credits for Skywald’s publications, and there were quite a few talented people working on their magazines. Pablo Marcos, Chic Stone, Ricardo Villamonte, Doug Wildey, Gene Day, Bernie Wrightson, Gray Morrow, so on, so forth…poke through the checklist and see for yourself. Of course, there is a lot of filler material to slog through in any given Skywald publication, but there are a few gems to be found.

Found via Memepool, a randomly-generating comic strip comprised of images from LiveJournal accounts. Strangely compelling.

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