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Just a couple random notes about last night’s Justice League Unlimited episode:

1. I’m not sure I like the talking Doomsday. The more animalistic Doomsday from the original “Death of Superman” comics was much more menacing. However, it was nice to see a full-out battle between Superman and a foe as strong, if not stronger, than he is. We don’t get enough of that…we barely got it in the Superman cartoon itself.

2. Best part of the episode: everyone groaning in dismay when Batman mentions that he has the Question working on their project. It’s good to know that not everyone in the Justice League is palsy-walsies with everyone else.

3. I did appreciate that the episode built on incidents from previous installments (centering around Amanda Waller and her efforts to “protect the world” from superheroes) without feeling crowded with excessive subplottery or without excluding people who may not have seen the eariler episodes in question. Plus, having Waller not simply be the “evil menace trying to stop our Super Friends” brings about an interesting conflict, as by the end of the episode Batman is very clearly considering her position.

I was doing some random searching with the Google (oh, okay, I was Googling my own name) when I found this Yahoo directory for comic book weblogs. I know some of the descriptions come from the webloggers themselves, but others (including the one for my own site) are from some anonymous Yahoo-ite, I’m presuming. Interesting. Not that I’m complaining about my description…it’s accurate enough. Hopefully they’ll get around to correcting the spelling on pal Dorian‘s name someday, though.

How to make Mike feel old, Part 1: I was helping a customer (hi, Mark!) out yesterday with Nexus back-issues, trying to figure out at what particular issue his collection leaves off. In the process, I pull up #8, at which point I immediately have two thoughts:

1. “Wow, I remember anxiously waiting for this issue to come out!”

2. “Oh, God, this comic is twenty years old!”

You young’uns out there, you mark my words…once you start measuring chunks of your life in 20-year spans, there’s no going back.

In response to this gentleman’s request for Paul Lynde comics (and following up on this good person‘s detective work), here is a page with an image showing all of the Dell Bewitched covers…none of which have any Paul Lynde goodness, I’m afraid. Now if only there were Hollywood Squares comics….

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