In which Mike finds another meme to get behind, and has a question for you, too.

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Now this is something else…inspired by Fred Hembeck’s wonderful cartoons (under February 10th), Alan David Doane posted his awe-inspiring image featuring his own list of 100 things he loves about comics. (And I’d like to say thanks to ADD for including my little ol’ site on there.)

Anyway, I thought that was such a good idea, I’m gonna steal it. Well, maybe not the “image for every entry” part (the bandwidth, the bandwidth!), but a full-on list of 100 things that I love about comics, posted on the most appropriate day possible, Valentine’s Day. Look for it on Monday…and I hope everyone else on the comicsweblogosphere chimes in with lists of their own.

Yes, I know, the fella what hates the “memes,” encouraging others to participate in one. “Irony sense…tingling!”

Of course, the challenge is to make my list distinct from ADD’s, as it appears we like a lot of the same things. Though how anyone can prefer the first Superman/Spider-Man team-up to the second…. (Oh, I’m only kidding!)

We received this Flash poster by Michael Turner on Wednesday, which got me thinking two things: 1) why’d they go with that picture, when this Turner cover is much more striking (and actually shows the Flash running), and 2) when was the last time I actually had a comic book poster on my walls at home?

Well, it’s been quite some time…more than ten years, at least, but the two comic posters I had on my walls were the Groo poster Marvel put out (the one with Groo fighting an army outside a castle…one of those huge, highly detailed crowd scenes Sergio Aragones excels at) and a group shot of the cast of Nexus, painted by Steve Rude. Oh, and there was a third that I had up for while…the movie poster for Comic Book Confidential (it looked like the image at the bottom right at this page). I can’t find any online images of the first two posters, and I’m not entirely sure where my copies of the posters are (it was a few moves ago).

And, yes, I do have Swamp Thing posters, but I’m just lazy and haven’t bought frames for them yet. Yes, frames, stop that snickering.

Anyway, all this meandering has brought me to my new Friday Question (here are the results to the last one):

Do you currently have any comic book posters on your walls at home? If so, which ones? Leave a comment…satisfy my nosy nelliness.

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