Boring weblog stuff.

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1. Lots of new comics weblogs popping up on the ol’ Update-A-Tron 3000, so I imagine I’ll be revising the sidebar there a bit in the very near future. Some definite additions: Two Dimensional, focusing on indie funnybooks; The Less Said The Better, by the mighty Don Simpson…yes, that Don Simpson; the fun and interesting Comic Book Wife; and the downright nutty SUPERFRANKENSTEIN (all capitals MANDATORY) by the esteemed Tom Peyer.

I may also have to start deleting some sites that appear to have been abandoned. A couple (like the much missed Grotesque Anatomy and the equally much missed Flat Earth) will stick around with the (ret.) tags, but there are a few that just seem to have dried up in short order, which is a shame. However, pal Sean is swearing up and down that he’s got something new coming up, so watch his space for details.

2. I don’t feel so bad about posting the music meme a few days back, if even Warren Ellis can get stuck doing it as well. I was beginning to wonder if anyone else in the online comics world had 20 gigs of MP3s on their hard drive….

3. I could reveal the identity of the person who brought this image to Franklin’s attention, but said person would then probably kill me.

4. Why are some people so down on weblogs? What’d we ever do to anyone? God forbid people have a way to express their opinions on comics.

EDIT: 5. I’ve been fooling around with the comments form template (now with a PREVIEW button…thank God for that!), so if you run into any problems with the comments-thingie, let me know.

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