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1. This new case picked up by the CBLDF (Tom Spurgeon gives us the coverage overview) hopefully will be seen as the one-time oversight that it certainly is (and accidents do happen) and not as part of a pattern of distributing naughty books to kids. We try to be really careful about this at our own store, erring on the side of caution, insisting parents look through certain comics before buying them for their children. That said, I’m still glad we have several lawyers and a D.A. as customers!

2. The real name of The Simpsons‘ Comic Book Guy is revealed here…and it’s not Louis Lane. Rats.

3. I don’t have a silly comics overview today, but Chaosmonkey does. The 1987 Fantastic Four Vs. The X-Men mini-series, given the treatment it most likely deserves…go check it out!

4. Your “ganked from Boing Boing” link of the day: “Superhero thugs captured on CCTV.”

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