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From a brief discussion regarding superhero movies at the store today:

Kid Chris: “I’d like to see a Kingdom Come movie. Alex Ross can play all the parts!”

Me: “Well, he’s got the costumes.”

This stemmed from old pal Corey and I shooting the breeze about the forthcoming Superman movie, on the likelihood of any established Super-villains other than Luthor being featured in Supes’ big-screen adventures. Mr. Mxyzptlk is probably too out-there, Terra Man is…well, it’s Terra Man, Parasite may not be flashy enough, and Metallo is probably too Terminator-y, (On the other hand, I didn’t think Doctor Octopus could possibly translate to film either, but Doc Ock worked out quite well in Spider-Man 2.) We figure Brainiac may be a possibility (one I think had been brought up at some point with some past Superman film treatment). When “Death of Superman”-mania was going around a decade or so ago, I think Doomsday may have popped up in a proposed film adaptation.

It’s probably a moot point, anyway…any new Superman film franchise will begin with a focus on Supes’ relationship with Luthor. Then, maybe down the road, they’ll get around to other villains, but the franchise will eventually peter out, lay dormant, then start up the cycle again with a new Superman vs. Luthor story. Ah, well, it’s just the nature of the thing, I guess.

We also wondered why no one at Cartoon Network has tried to get a Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon going yet. Like pal Dorian said, it’s at least 50 new action figure designs that CN and DC Comics could sell. Plus, it’s lots of super-heroes, lots of super-villains, lots of aliens and spaceships…if any DC property seems tailor-made for a cartoon, it’s this one. Additionally, a LSH cartoon may be the only way to rebuild interest in a LSH comic at this point.

Other stuff:

Chris Karath displays all the ad pages for Flash #218. Like Chris, I don’t have anything to really say about it…but it is strangely fascinating.

Favorite store moment of the day: longtime customer Deon’s cell phone starts to ring…and his very loud customized ring tone is the opening bit from Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train.” Beautiful.

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