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Keeping it short today…haven’t I posted enough this last week?

1. Diamond Comics has posted a PDF file of the pages missing from some copies of Previews…so I guess that means someone somewhere also got some bunk catalogs. You see, I’m not crazy, I’m not! However, it’s posted on the retailers-only Diamond site, so if you can’t get a replacement copy of the actual publication, bug your local retailer for that file.

2. Am I the only person who got a Crisis on Infinite Earths vibe from the most recent episode of Justice League Unlimited? Okay, actually, I just put in that TV Tome link before reading it…and yeah, they pick up on the Crisis thing, too. It’s kind of hard not to, with the different time periods being crammed together, and the big white wall of “nothingness” destroying the world…good times, good times. Another nice touch was the reference to the old Green Lantern “giant hand holding the swirling stars at the beginning of time” bit of business. That’s right up there on my list of things I never expected to see animated.

The defeat of the villain was pulled out of nowhere (Batman (paraphrasing): “There…I just wrote a program that will reverse the effects of Chronos’ time belt.” Um, right), but the interaction of the Batman Beyond-era Bruce Wayne with the present-day Batman was a lot of fun…particularly in the contrast of methods used in extracting information from a perp. Batman just gets nastier in his old age, as we’ve all expected.

Plus, there’s a cameo by a certain other Green Lantern that should make pal Corey very happy.

3. Oops…Tom reminds me that it’s Jay Kennedy, not Jay Kinney like I said yesterday, who’s responsible for the old underground price guide. I even regularly refer to our copy of that guide, so I should have known better…I just have a blind spot regarding those names, I guess.

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