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The Beat is reporting that there has been some forward movement on the Watchmen movie adaptation front.

Oh, well, just when I got accustomed to the perennial sales of the Watchmen trade paperback. I expect it’ll go the same way as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen did: 1) the graphic novel sells great; 2) GN sales peak just before the movie comes out; 3) movie comes out, and it sucks more than a really sucky thing; 4) GN sales plummet, and now we can’t give it away.

I know I’m jumping the gun a little, and for all I know this Watchmen movie will be the Greatest Thing Ever, but, well, I’m not holding my breath.

Wow, this is incredibly depressing: Mark Evanier reports that Captain Sticky has died! I used to see Captain Sticky turn up on TV all the time when I was a kid…and like Mark says, the good Captain actually did fight for justice! I didn’t know C.S. had pursued a comic license through Marvel Comics, but there was a small press Captain Sticky comic…if memory serves, it’s listed in Jay Kinney’s underground price guide.

EDIT (1/31): It’s Jay Kennedy, not Kinney. More here.

Attention parents: I’m sorry if my having to repeatedly (and politely, might I add) tell your unsupervised child to not sit on the floor and read the comics caused your precious little angel to seek you out and “cry” (actually, put on an act for your benefit). I’m also sorry that I don’t believe you when you tell me that my horrible actions just cost our store “a lot of money” because your theoretical Yu-Gi-Oh card game club is now not going to come here (i.e. you’re now not going to use our store as a free day care service). And I’m sorry if I just look at you in disbelief as you point at someone in the store and tell me “but you’re letting him read!” – and the person you’re pointing at clearly isn’t reading.

I’m also sorry that I’ve been at this long enough to know the difference between “browsing” and “reading with no darn intention of spending any money, ever.”

I’m sorry that we can’t keep a comic store open by letting people read all the comics they want but not buy any of them. Yes, I know big chain bookstores do it…they can afford it, “mom ‘n’ pop” stores can’t.

I’m sorry I’m still irritated by this. I don’t like to be irritated. I like to get along with everyone. I like it when kids come in for comics (and we had quite a few today, actually accompanied by parents)…but I can’t let the store become a babysitting service. No way.

On a happier note…about two years ago, I somehow managed to lose an autographed copy of They Might Be Giants’ Mink Car album that I received for being a member of Emusic. I believed that I lost it at the store, or that it had been misplaced while I was moving from an apartment into a house at the time. But, as I was in the store’s back room looking for copies of the Elementals Sex Special #3 (don’t ask), there it was, in a plastic bag on a metal shelf behind some storage boxes. Reunited, and yes, it feels so good.

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