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Our current window painting, courtesy the mighty Randy Martinez. So we like having silly things in the window, what’s it to ya?

How not to ask us to buy your comics, via a phone call:

1. Have no idea what you have.

2. Refuse to make and send a list.

3. Live several states away from us.

4. Demand thousands of dollars for your collection, sight unseen.

Reminder: check your copy of Previews, which came out this week, for printing errors…in particular, see if it’s missing any pages between 250 and 300, or if any pages are duplicated. A couple people have responded to this post with reports that their copies are fine. However, unless we just happened to get every misprinted copy, chances are there are more out there.

Your “someone dressed as a superhero at a political protest rally” picture of the day (five down).

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