Blogging about blogging is a sin.

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1. Remember a while back when we were discussing the recognizability (or lack thereof) of Superman by the general public (here and here)? Well, on a related note, I was listening to an radio talk show trio Monday afternoon…one of them is in his 40s, the other two a little younger than me (early 30s), and the three of them were trying to remember the names of Archie’s girlfriends. They could come up with “Veronica,” but darned if they could remember the blonde one. And these folks are usually pretty good about coming up with pop culture trivia.

2. Regarding the discussion of Overstreet from yesterday’s overlong post, Jim brings up a point that I had actually written out before cutting it from the final posting. Essentially, that Overstreet‘s editors may have considered Yummy Fur more underground than “mainstream,” and thus outside the purview of the guide. That’s probably as likely an explanation as any.

But that did get me thinking…Overstreet currently devotes several pages to a section on “platinum age” comics from around the turn of the century. Now, I’m not saying Overstreet shouldn’t cover these comics, as they are very interesting from a historical perspective. But how likely is it that most comic dealers or fans will ever deal with any of these? It’s far more probable that modern comic fans will find themselves in possession of old undergrounds and in need of information on same. One thought is that perhaps the section of “platinum age” comics could be alternated with an undergrounds section every other year, given that prices aren’t likely to drastically change enough on either to warrant yearly updates.

Then again, titles like Tits ‘N’ Clits and Fuktup Funnies would likely give Overstreet‘s editors heart palpitations, so it’s probably all for the best.

3. I am now, at least for the moment, the top Google result for Spunky the Monkey. God bless the internet.

4. I really hate it when I discover an insanely obvious typo in an entry of mine from several days ago. Sigh.

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