Star Wars, new comics, and Mike freaks out.

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Here’s a old store story I was reminded of yesterday:

Several years ago, we had two cases of the oversized Star Wars movie adaptation treasury edition (technically, Marvel Special Edition Featuring… #1). I don’t remember rightly how we got stuck with those turkeys, but we had ’em, and we were trying to get rid of ’em. We put a big stack of them on the counter, put a sign on them that read “25 cents each,” and hoped for the best.

One day, I get a phone call:

Caller: “Hi! I recently damaged a friend’s copy of a Star Wars comic, and I wanted to buy a replacement.”

Me: “Oh, sure, which one was it?”

Caller: “Star Wars #1…it’s really big, bigger than a normal comic.”

Me: “Yeah, we got those…they’re a quarter each.”

Caller: “Uh, no, this is number one, it’s a Star Wars #1, the large sized one.”

Me: “Yes, I know, it’s the oversized Star Wars #1. We got ’em. We got a lot of them. It’s 25 cents.”

Caller: “This is the Star Wars #1, it says Special Edition across the top. I don’t think it’s the same thing.”

Me: “That’s the exact same thing we have here. I swear to you, it’s only a quarter. We’re trying to get rid of them.”

Caller: “But it’s the collectible first issue.”

Me: “They printed a ton of them…we have lots, and we don’t want them. I promise you, it’s the same thing you’re talking about, and we’re selling it for only a quarter.”

Caller: “Um, okay, thanks anyway.”

And that was that. I probably should have said, “oh, wait, I misread the price tag, it’s actually $25” – that would have been less grief in the long run.

Before you ask…no, they’re all gone now. Yup, only at a quarter each. We were also selling an overload of copies of All-New Collectors’ Edition #C56 (the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali issue*) at fifty cents a pop. Makes you sick now, doesn’t it? It does, me.

Anyway, I told you all that since I don’t have a lot to say about new comics day – the Hellblazer: All His Engines hardcover was actually pretty good, though I don’t see the reason for the hardcover treatment (aside from the forthcoming movie). We don’t really learn anything new about the characters, there’s a slight change in the status quo for Chas (though it could easily be ignored), and basically it’s just a longer Constantine tale. Plus, I believe those are pages from the Hellblazer Secret Files reprinted in the back, detailing Constantine’s history for the newcomer, at whom this book is presumably aimed.

Oh, and Adventure of Superman #636 continues to build upon situations from everyone’s favorite mini-series event Identity Crisis, in way that’s sure to tick off all the people who weren’t ticked off before.

Plastic Man #14, more than any other issue in this series, felt like an animated cartoon. It’s Plastic Man versus a mouse, and it’s page after page of mostly wordless man-against-rodent hijinks. It does read very quickly, but it’s a lot of fun, and Kyle Baker’s art is always a joy to look at.

Invincible #19 came out this week, and this is the one series that I wait for the trade on. I think the industry will survive if I follow just one comic in TPB format only. Well, the books are attractively done, I like the extra material included, and the price is right. I’m really tempted to peek inside…but no…must…be…patient.

Demo Scriptbook – an attractive package, as we’ve come to expect from AiT/Planetlar. I’m not a big “scriptbook” person myself, but I’m sure there are Demo fans out there who would enjoy this peek behind the scenes.

Comics Journal #265 – now, I’ve been reading this magazine for over 20 years now, and it’s so weird to see names of people I know suddenly popping up in there. Pal Dorian last issue, pal Ian** this ish…it’s freaking me out, man.

* I sure wish DC would reprint this…and reprint it nice and big, just like the original, to show off that great Neal Adams art. Yeah, the story’s dopey, but by God it’s gorgeous.

** Yes, Ian, I’m holding a copy for you.

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