A few random new comics day thoughts…

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1. That Hanging Out With The Dream King book of interviews and discussions focusing on Neil Gaiman includes a visit with Shawn McManus, which is prefaced by a note that this is McManus’ first interview since 1978. I just found that a little mind-boggling…not even Comics Interview ever got around to talking to the guy?

2. It occurred to me that the performance of the Elektra movie can be seen as the end result of a film that only comic fans go to see. I mean, even the talking zebra film did better….

3. I received a restock of an issue of the Stargate SG-1 color magazine, which has a banner across the top of the cover that reads something like “INSIDE! An exclusive excerpt from the new Stargate SG-1 novel!”

Of course it’s “exclusive” to this mag…who else is going to run it, Redbook?

4. I’m only the #6 result on Google for Spunky the Monkey?

5. DON’T WORRY…I’ll stop with the bold headlines. I thought they looked neat…but now that I have a page half-full o’them, it just looks cluttered to me.

6. I would post more tonight, but pal Dorian let me borrow his DVD of Wet Hot American Summer, and I’m gonna go watch it. I can always talk more about comics tomorrow!

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