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Ah, so that’s what the real trailer for the Fantastic Four movie looks like.

Well…it looks like it might be marginally better than what I was expecting. It looks like a dumb movie with lots of explosions and (I’m guessing) hokey dialogue, but the effects seem to be pretty good. So, in all, your typical summer “blockbuster” film. It should do better than Elektra, anyway. I have home movies that have had bigger audiences than Elektra.

Mostly, I’m just hoping Fantastic Four doesn’t suck completely for Michael Chiklis’ sake. At the very least, I don’t want to have to start referring to Roger Corman’s version as “the good FF movie.”

Also noticed: the site says the film opens July 1st, the trailer says July 4th. Hopefully they’ll get that straightened out before I start standing in line.

(thanks to pal Jason for pointing out that the trailer was up…I completely forgot about it!)

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