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CLARIFICATION: I hope no one looked at my semi-snarky comment from yesterday’s post, regarding people not recognizing certain comic book characters, as being indicative of a “clubhouse mentality” at our shop. Believe me, I’m not down on people just because they don’t know the intricacies of our business…I don’t stand over them, arms crossed, saying in a haughty Comic Book Guy voice “I believe you have called the winged Thanagarian warrior by the incorrect name of ‘Birdman,’ when it is, in fact, ‘Hawkman’ — please leave my store.” I’m just amused by it, and see it as an indicator of public awareness of certain characters.* That person who repeatedly looked at the Archie comic (the one where the “Archie” logo was in big red letters and took up a quarter of the cover) and called him “Richie Rich” still baffles me, however.

WEBBING BLISS: Spider-Man crashes a wedding (bottom of page)…as do some Stormtroopers. Hopefully not the same wedding.

MY COMICS WEBLOGGING OBLIGATIONS: DC Comics solicits are up…comics and merchandise:

Superman Vs. The Flash TP – I already have all the stories reprinted herein, but I appreciate that DC is still doing relatively inexpensive themed reprint books of its older material. In fact, I just recently reread the first two issues of DC Comics Presents, which are included in this volume, and, while nicely illustrated by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, the story doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Identity Crisis #1-#7 final printings – oh, dear. Well, they are still selling fairly well for us right now, but I’m not sure how they’ll being doing two to three months down the road when these reprints finally arrive.

The OMAC Project #1 – it’s another spin-off from this year’s Big DC Event, but the magic word “OMAC” is in the title, and I gotta give it at least a look.**

Solo #4 – I concur with esteemed weblogging collegue pal Ian: big book o’Chaykin? It’s a must have. (And so is Columbia, Chaykin’s Wildstorm offering.)

Bite Club TP – yup, more Chaykin…in a very reasonably priced ($9.99) paperback. That seems a bit odd for a one-off book (as opposed to the under-$10 volume 1s for Fables and Swamp Thing).

The Batman: Joker Maquette – I suppose someone somewhere likes the Joker’s redesign for the Batman Strikes cartoon. Can’t say I’ve met that person.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Series One – is there something wrong with their thighs?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH COMIC BOOKS: One of my favorite bands, Honest Bob And The Factory-to-Dealer Incentives, has a new album out, and you can listen to samples (and possibly even buy a copy) right here. Their highly recommended first album is also still available.

* Almost everyone recognizes Plastic Man, for example…but, given that most people who recognize him ask about Hula-Hula, clearly it’s just because of the cartoon show.

** There used to be a large office building in our area with the acronym “OMAC” in giant letters on the building’s side. Yes, I though of the Kirby character every time I saw it. How could I not?

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