A few quick links.

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1. Baboon Books‘ Richard Marcej now has his own weblog: The Baboon Bellows. Comics, birthdays, and, yes, baboons. Go visit, won’t you?

2. Scott Saavedra has just posted his Dick Sprang-ish Batman/Two-Face drawing. Nicely done!

3. Tom Spurgeon reports on a columnist’s unfamiliarity with shopping in a comic book store, and notes that said columnist was prevented from buying a whole stack of a certain issue. That reminded me of something that, thankfully, we haven’t have to do at our store in a while. It used to be that a comic would come out that was red-hot, and reorders weren’t to be had, so in order to make sure everyone was able to get a copy, we’d put up a sign by the comic reading “1 per customer.” However, while this prevented the first “investor” in the door from buying every single copy, this did have the unintended result of encouraging people who wouldn’t have bought it in the first place to grab one. “Hey, only one per customer? Must be hot…better buy it!”

I always wanted to try an experiment, by putting a “one per customer” sign on a comic that wasn’t hot and seeing if that improved sales…but I like being able to sleep guilt-free, so I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

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