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Just a few quick notes:

1. Regarding my previous post – what I guess I didn’t make clear is that the Bolland cover and the Texeira cover are actually of the same design, just by different artists. If you go to this page and click on the “16x” link beneath the cover thumbnail, the differences between the two versions become a little more obvious! I assure you, it’s two different drawings.

2. Hero Squared from Atomeka Press was unleashed onto an unsuspecting populace today…well, you might have suspected it slightly had you read my review. Hey, even pal Dorian liked it, and you know how he is.

3. Speaking of pal Dorian, you’ll be glad to know that he was able to find a way around the 101 Freeway shut-down that effectively cut off where he lives from where he works, and he’s now back in action at the shop. Of course, this means he won’t be able to update his site until he’s able to get back home (Friday at the earliest), so now’s the time to start spreading vicious, scandalous lies about him while he can’t defend himself!

Pal Tom, however, is still stranded in that remote mountain village of his.

4. So I’ve been carefully planning out my reorders through Diamond, so that we don’t get socked with a huge bill for a ton of items. Every week I ordered a small amount, spacing out the big-ticket items, not loading up on a bunch of the same thing…I’m just trying to slowly restock our shelves in this post-holiday period.

And what did I forget? That reorders over the holidays take a little longer to get processed and filled, and so this week I get hit with about three weeks’ worth of backordered items bunched up into one shipment. Eep.

So, anyone out there looking for any trade paperbacks, he asked shillingly?

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