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The latest installment of Newsarama’s It Came from The Quarter Bin nicely covers the first chapter of Steve Gerber’s team-up of Howard the Duck and the She-Hulk in Sensational She-Hulk #14. However, there’s a bit of perhaps forgotten trivia regarding this particular issue. Apparently, it was supposed to be published with a Brian Bolland cover (shown above), instead of the Mark Texeira cover that the final published edition had (and can be seen here).

Marvel released a four-page advertising flyer that had the Bolland cover on the front, and an explanation on the inside as to what happened:

The other page (not shown) had a picture of Howard holding a baseball bat, and a text message, supposedly from Howard, previewing events from future issues of this crossover:

“Let your old pal Howard set you straight. It’s a trick, see?! Those guys at Marvel know that they’ve got you hooked by showing you that gorgeous Brian Bolland cover. Now they figger they’ll let you know what’s comin’ up in the rest of the ‘Cosmic Squish Principle’ and you’ll get so excited you’ll just have to read the rest of the series.”

We still have a few of these flyers at the store…we bag ’em up with issues of Sensational She-Hulk #14 so that customers can get both covers when they buy the comic.

One of these days, remind me to explain the similar Wasteland screw-up (or just read the brief explanation here, I guess).

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