In which Mike talks about his sick day.

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I was sick yesterday (and still just a little under the weather today), and since 1) it was my day off, and 2) we’re having some slightly inclement weather out here in sunny Southern California, I spent the entire day inside, either in bed watching TV, bundled up in front of the computer to make yesterday’s post, or reading funnybooks.

In order:

TV: Didn’t watch that much, actually…saw most of an old episode of Battlestar Galactica (I haven’t seen this show in years…it’s really not very good, is it), and watched my DVD of Ed Wood, still Tim Burton’s finest film, I think.

Yesterday’s post: Luckily I had made those scans a couple days back, because I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the time doing so Monday morning, given how I was feeling. That’s also why I didn’t include much explanatory text, which is probably for the best…what could I have added? I probably could have mentioned (which I will now) that this was only a portion of Eisner’s art from this booklet. The thing is chock-full of his illustrations…I would have scanned even more, but my bandwidth is taking a pretty good hit this month as it is! (I need my pal Andy’s one terabyte limit!)

Funnybooks: I recently got my hands on some DC 100-pagers from the 1970s, as well as a couple issues of Superman from 1972, so I spent part of my day paging through those. Among these comics were Our Army At War #242, with plenty of classic war comics as only DC could do them. My favorite story from this comic was probably “Battle Hats,” in which various pieces of military headgear exchange battle stories from their unique perspectives…with word balloons and everything. Fantastic.

In other news:

Laura is still seeking entries to her Colonia giveaway contest…and in case you haven’t heard, publisher Larry Young has sweetened the deal by contributing a piece of Jeff Nicholson’s original art from the series. So, go enter already.

Pal Dorian has posted his explanation as to why the forthcoming V for Vendetta film will almost certainly be no good. Be sure to read the comments for that post for good discussion. (I will note to Sean that I also am part of that incredibly-small minority that doesn’t have high hopes for the Sin City adaptation…I do hope I’m wrong!)

And like pal Dorian, I too shall add Trade Whore to my comics weblog listing…and plug his Gotham Central TPB giveaway as well.

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