Your parade of unnecessary clarifications!

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From my post last night…look, I liked Identity Crisis for what it was, but even I thought this article was a little over the top. I mean, up there with Crisis and Watchmen? I think, if I had to place IC on a chart, it would be a little below Invasion! and above Millennium…and waaaaay above Genesis.

And, for my nerdy nit-pick, both DC and Marvel were doing mini-series before ’82.

From this morning, I found this press release about the Katy Keene celebration doing some random news searches on Google or Yahoo or some darn thing. I like that statement in the release about how Katy Keene is somewhat out of the public’s eye…no, you think? Actually, I have had interest in the Katy Keene back issues at the store…invariably, it’s from older folks who read it as children. I even had one customer, long ago, ask me to help her find the issue where her costume contribution was used and credited to her* — but she had no idea what issue it was! I think we had it narrowed down to about the right decade, eventually.

And from this other post…once again, the specter of a decades-old TV series arises in the form of a sound effect-filled headline. The actual article itself is just dandy…I certainly can’t fault the idea of a comic book club at a school…but I was really hoping I’d seen the last of that type of headline. Oh well.

* I always liked that about Katy Keene (and also about Sugar & Spike and the 80s version of Dial ‘H’ for Hero)…the reader participation aspect in the stories. And they always gave credit where credit is due…very important, as I’m sure you’ll all agree. Anyway, is there any comic today doing anything similar?

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