Results for the Swamp Thing: Bad Seed contest!

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As promised, here are the results for the contest. But first, a little preamble:

I know I’ve said it a lot but it bears repeating…a big fat wet “THANK YOU!” to Ken Lowery, over there at Ringwood, who chipped in and bought two more copies of Swamp Thing: Bad Seed for me to give away. Beneath that gruff, rough-and-tumble exterior beats a generous heart. Thank you, Ken!

Also, I took a couple steps as to be as fair as possible in the selection process. First, as the entries came in (and boy, there were a lot of them), I would copy-‘n’-paste the text from the e-mail into a separate document, away from any identifying information that could influence the decision. And second, I let my girlfriend Nora pick the winning entries.

And before I start listing the winners, those of you who entered and didn’t win please remember rule #6 of the contest: “By entering, you hereby agree not to complain if you don’t win.”

Without further ado, to-do, or doo-doo, here are the wieners winners!

1. Nora’s favorite of the bunch was this one from Doug, which tickled me as well:

“Give me the copy of Swamp Thing or I will write another awful DC-universe spanning crossover. Starring Lobo. And no talking monkeys.”

Of all the entries that involved direct threats, I think I like this one the best.

2. Josh hits me up poetically with a request for some Swampy book goodness:

“white kryptonite could

not accomplish what she did.

locklear ruined you.

i would like that trade

because i am very cheap.

i stole your haiku.”

Like several others, mention was made of the Swamp Thing movie, but his was the only entry to specifically invoke the specter of Return of the Swamp Thing, combined with a reference to Silver Age Superman continuity and to my recent haiku post. Well played, sir, well played.

And, in the interest of full disclosure…yes, Josh is a former employee of our store, dating back to those happy and carefree pre-pal Dorian days. But then, that’s why I took the steps I did to prevent any favoritism and accusations of behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Honest. I swear. (Note to self: next time disqualify current and former employees!)

3. In the “hitting a little close to home” department comes this entry from Jim:

“My favorite toy was the action figure with the hands on cords that retracted if you squeezed the legs.

It’s at my home..

I’m 35.”

Get out of my head…get out!

And there you go…those three lucky winners will get copies of the Swamp Thing: Bad Seed trade paperback from DC Comics/Vertigo.

Let me again thank everyone who entered…I enjoyed all (well, most) of your entries, and I wish I could afford to give away prizes to everyone (well, most everyone) who took the time to participate.

It was a lot of fun, and I’ll certainly do it again soon.

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